How Kering Brings Together Luxury and Innovation

Despite the sector's sometimes conservative image, innovation has always been at the heart of Kering’s vision of Luxury. How is that vision integrated into the Group’s strategy? How is it then put into practice, concretely? Grégory Boutté, Chief Client & Digital Officer, explains the process.

New materials, the future of fashion

Innovation plays an essential role in Kering’s sustainability strategy: half of the Group’s targets for reducing its environmental footprint depend on it! By developing new materials and new production processes, Kering positions itself as a frontrunner in sustainable innovation and makes its vision of modern, conscientious and responsible Luxury a reality. Anne-Gaëlle Lamort, Kering’s Sustainability Innovation Lead, elaborates on a key topic.

Accelerating innovation with startups

New technologies and emerging business models are reshaping the Luxury sector and impacting every stage of its value chain. To master these changes and integrate them into Kering, working with startups is essential. How does Kering identify and collaborate with those companies? And what is their impact? Benjamin Bouygues, Kering’s Ventures and Innovation Director, explains.

Digital tech: Luxury’s new area of expertise

Data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers: job profiles that didn't exist just a few years ago have become essential in the Luxury sector – and particularly for Kering, where strategic decisions rely increasingly on data. What are their roles? How do they support transformation within the Group and its Houses? How are they recruited? Imen El Karoui, Kering’s Data Intelligence Director, provides the answers.

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