“With High Jewelry, Pomellato is moving in a whole new direction.”

Sabina Belli, Pomellato’s CEO since 2015, recalls the fundamentals of the House’s identity and explains its development strategy, from the launch of its High Jewelry line to an international expansion.

How the Nudo collection became iconic

Nudo is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September 2021. As the signature collection of Pomellato, it continues to inspire the House’s story and growth. Here is an overview of its unexpected yet undeniable success.

“Sustainability has become essential”

A journalist and historian specializing in High Jewelry, Vincent Meylan is the author of several books about the history of precious stones. In this interview, he shares his views of how sustainability issues have developed in the jewelry sector, along with their impact on the activities of Houses and the expectations of their clients.

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