Sustainable Cashmere Project: a "steppe" in the right direction

Led by Kering along with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Rio Tinto and with collaboration from Stanford University and NASA, the South Gobi Cashmere Project is redefining high quality cashmere production in the Mongolian steppe. An initiative that pays back today.

Kering Clean by Design 2017 Novara

MIL: A laboratory for more sustainable materials

Turning the idea of sustainable fashion into reality involves a range of different factors, including the right kind of materials. But where do you find them? Kering created the Materials Innovation Lab to answer that very question. MIL’s Director, Cecilia Takayama explains the practicalities of sustainable luxury fashion.

With Clean by Design, fashion launches a backstage green revolution

Created to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry, Clean by Design offers an effective method to reduce energy intensity and water usage on production sites. Thanks to its very rapid return on investment, Kering would like to extend the project to all of its suppliers.

"Kering can be a driver of change"

Whether it’s product traceability, sustainable supply chains or next-generation materials, Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional affairs, explains how Kering goes right to the source to reduce its environmental footprint, starting with how raw materials are produced.

“Sustainability is both an economic and a technical challenge”

Riccardo Binaghi and his brother Filippo are the fifth generation of their family to work in the textile industry around Lake Como, in North Italy’s Lombardy region. As directors of Lorma, a company founded by their father, they are supplying organic and conventional silk to Kering Houses.

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